“My immediate reports (all assistant superintendents) felt very uncomfortable in front of the camera. I asked Larry to come and video tape all of them answering questions I had prepared for them in their respective areas. Larry sat down with each of them, went through their tapes, did several re-dos, and they said it was the BEST professional training they had EVER had… They thought it was magic!”

– Colleen Wilcox, Ed. D.
Former Superintendent
Santa Clara County Office of Education


Larry Gerston has been a media personality for more than thirty years. In addition to his twice-weekly appearances on a San Francisco Bay Area television station (NBC Bay Area), he frequently speaks on KCBS radio, the Bay Area’s most listened to radio news station. Newspaper and magazine writers routinely quote Larry as the “go to” guy who can put complex issues into perspective for everyday readers. Simply put, Larry knows how to communicate effectively and how to teach that skill to others. Over the years, his clients have included C-level corporate officers, government leaders, and elected officials.

In his Media Training seminar, Larry teaches:

• The Importance of Making News: How It Is Determined and By Whom

• Preparing for Reporters or Testimony

• Managing Reporters Instead of Them Managing You

• Crafting and Staying on Message

• Crisis Management

• Body Language, Gestures and Other Little Things That are Really Big

• Avoiding Pitfalls

Gerston & Associates Media Training seminars include videoed mock interviews where each participant is put through the paces of an exchange with the “press.”

For information on scheduling Larry to train your executives, write to lgerston@sjsu.edu or call 408-656-1018.